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The Story behind Waterman's Beach 

In 1986, Anne Cousens and her husband Nate Cousens started Waterman’s Beach Lobster Shack. Anne came up with the idea as an alternative way for her husband to sell his lobsters, which was becoming a common theme at the time. The lobster shack offered many variations of seafood such as steamed lobsters and clams, lobster and crab rolls, all while supplying grilled food for the seafood alternatives.  When managing Waterman’s Beach, Anne was especially known for her delicious homemade pies: blueberry, rhubarb, lemon meringue, cherry delight, and pumpkin pie are just a few!

     Anne successfully ran Waterman’s for 15 years before handing it down to her daughter Sandy Manahan. Sandy continued the family tradition for another 15 years, creating the reputation as home to one of the best lobster rolls in Maine, being featured on Food Network’s Top 10 Restaurants with Bobby Flay and winning the James Beard America’s Classic Award! Throughout the 30 years of operation, the Waterman’s Beach Lobster establishment had always focused community and family, supplying a place for the locals and those of afar to come to enjoy the local treats of Mid-Coast Maine. 

     The land in which Waterman’s Beach Lobster sat and now our brewery sits has been the family for 150 years, and that is exactly why Heath had the calling to continue the family tradition and start Waterman’s Beach Brewery.

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